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Real Estate Services

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Richard and his staff assist individuals, lenders, and business clients in a wide variety of real estate matters.  Whether you are involved in a single transaction, or are a frequent investor in real estate matters, Richard’s office can help in such matters.

Real Estate Closings

Mr. Scott frequently assists clients with closing transactions, on both the buyer’s and seller’s side of closings.  Richard’s staff helps coordinate all elements of a closing, including preparation of closing documents, obtaining and reviewing title searches, organizing the closing package, and reviewing and coordinating signatures of closing documents with all parties to the transaction.

Contracts and Leases

Richard often assists clients with negotiation of contracts to purchase or sell real estate, and he often prepares leases for clients who have invested in real estate for rental to tenants.

Real Estate Disputes

Mr. Scott’s experience in litigation blends well with his real estate practice, as he is able to assist clients in resolving all manner of real estate disputes, including contract issues, boundary line disputes, and concerns over leases, easements, and contested claims of ownership.